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Faulty air brakes can be the cause of a Chicago truck accident

| Sep 9, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

Properly working air brakes are an essential piece to preventing commercial truck accidents. By making sure air brakes are in proper working order, a truck driver can help ensure that when a truck needs to stop, it does. 

However, even though it takes literally minutes for a truck driver to adjust air brakes and check for defects, many choose not to do this. This is why Operation Air Brake was started, to better educate truck drivers on the importance of adjustments and checking for defects. 

Operation Air Brake is a Selective Traffic Enforcement Program. So far this program has been successful in other safety concern areas, such as seat belt use. The air brake campaign itself was created in Canada five years ago. Now it will work toward enforcement all throughout the U.S. This could end up having an impact on truck drivers passing through the Chicago area. 

The enforcement is set to run Sept. 8 through Sept. 14.

Poorly adjusted and defective brakes are the cause of many truck accidents throughout the U.S. The hope is this enforcement really drives home the message to truck drivers and the companies they work for on just how important it is to check the status of air brakes on a regular basis. 

With Operation Air Brake, the motor carrier industry will be involved through various associations and lobby groups. However, it is essential for these industry partners to keep quiet about any planned enforcements around the country. Truck drivers and companies knowing where these setups are going to be could jeopardize the results of the campaign. 

In general though, the average Chicago resident who is in an accident with a commercial vehicle is not going to know whether or not the air brakes on the truck were up to par. This is where an attorney with experience handling truck accidents caused by faulty brakes can step in. 

Source: Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, “Operation Air Brake/Brake Safety Week September 8-14, 2013,” Sept. 9, 2013