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Head-on collision claims 1 life in Glenview crash

| Sep 23, 2013 | Car Accidents, Car Accidents |

Very few people walk away from a head-on collision. Even in accidents where the cars were not traveling at high speeds, a head-on collision still carries with it a very high risk of catastrophic injuries or death. 

Over the weekend, two people were injured and one was killed in a head-on collision in Glenview, Illinois. For those familiar with the area, Glenview is roughly 20 miles north of downtown Chicago. 

The auto accident happened on Sunday afternoon. A 37-year-old was killed, while two others were injured. 

Emergency personnel were able to get the 37-year-old driver out of the Kia Soul. However, the Kia Soul had to be cut away in order to get the female passenger out as she was trapped in the wreckage. 

The driver of the other car involved, a Toyota Camry, was being tended to by medical personnel on the sidewalk near the scene of the crash. 

All three were taken to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. The 37-year-old driver ended up dying from his injuries. 

At this point, the accident is under investigation. However, just looking at the generalities of the crash, it is safe to assume someone erred for there to be a head-on collision. 

When it comes to head-on collisions, there are some common reasons, such as a driver being distracted or intoxicated and swerving into the wrong lane. 

These accidents also happen when a driver goes the wrong-way down a one-way or turns into the wrong lane of traffic. 

In all of these types of head-on collisions, a personal injury attorney can be a valuable asset. This attorney can analyze the police reports and witness testimony in order to get to the bottom of what happened and help build a case for those injured or the family of those killed. 

Source: CBS Chicago, “1 Dead, 2 Hurt In Glenview Crash,” Sept. 23, 2013