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October 2013 Archives

Parental involvement encouraged to keep teen drivers safe

While National Teen Driver Safety Week comes to an end on Saturday, teen driver safety is something that should be talked about all year long. In fact, the Governors Highway Safety Association reports that parental involvement is critical in keeping teens safe when driving. Whether this looks like creating a driving agreement, having ongoing dialogues about driving safely, seeking out guidance from trained professionals -- or a combination of all three -- those teens whose parents are involved tend to pay closer attention to the rules. 

Diet pill linked to liver failure pulled from store shelves

Just because a product is sold on store shelves, it does not mean this product is necessarily safe. However, many Chicago residents may not realize this, which is why it may be particularly alarming to learn there have been 29 cases of liver failure and acute hepatitis linked to a specific diet pill. The company has taken the product off of the shelves after a state's Department of Health requested for the pills to be voluntarily removed.

Sports-related spine injuries carry paralysis risk

The more awareness the better when it comes to preventing sport-related injuries. This is why a number of groups want better education for students, parents and coaches regarding injuries to the cervical spine. While rare, these are the types of injuries that can lead to paralysis or death. 

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