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4 Chicago workers killed, 4 injured when employer’s SUV crashes

| Oct 4, 2013 | Fatal Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Illinois motorists depend upon car insurance, either their own coverage or an at-fault driver’s insurance, to take care of recovery costs following a car accident. Insurance may cover medical expenses and extended treatment for injuries along with lost wages, depending on the depth of the policy.

State laws require car owners to purchase a minimum amount of liability insurance. Underinsured drivers fail to provide adequate protection for all affected parties. Drivers with no coverage illegally and unfairly attempt to escape responsibility for harming others.

Four women and three men were traveling together in an SUV, driven by an employee of the Chicago agency that hired the day laborers. The Ford Explorer was headed along the a highway in DuPage County when the driver lost control.

Investigators said the SUV left the road in Addison while speeding along the Eisenhower Extension. The Explorer plunged down an embankment and overturned, ejecting seven occupants. One victim was crushed under the Ford. Four female day workers, ages 28 to 44, died.

Three Chicago men, ages 28 to 51, suffered what police said were non-life-threatening injuries. The SUV driver, unaware of the identities of the people who shared the vehicle with her, was released after treatment.

Police charged the driver with multiple traffic violations including improper use of a lane and speeding. The driver was operating the vehicle with an invalid license, a suspended registration and no auto insurance.

Intoxication is not suspected. Authorities are trying to track down the only person who might have witnessed the morning accident, a so-far unidentified person who reported the fatal crash to 911.

A court may order more than one defendant to compensate personal injury and wrongful death victims. Employers who fail to register and insure company vehicles can be held accountable for accident damages that employee drivers cause. Companies may be found negligent for hiring poorly qualified, improperly licensed drivers.

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