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November 2013 Archives

Untreated diabetes blamed for University of Illinois fatality

Application forms for Illinois driver's licenses and renewals ask whether an individual has a known health problem that might keep him from operating a motor vehicle safely. Drivers with at least one episode of temporary lost consciousness in the previous six months are medically ineligible to drive without a physician or medical review board's clearance.

Father sues suburban Chicago airport operator over son's death

Who is accountable when a person is injured or dies due to someone else's carelessness? Illinois laws hold defendants responsible for criminal behavior and liable for damages in civil cases. The presence of negligence is required for a civil jury to award compensation to victims of injuries and wrongful deaths.

Expanded cellphone use laws in Illinois ignored by some states

It's hard to believe, with studies repeatedly confirming the link between cellphones and traffic accidents, any state would permit drivers to talk and text freely. The majority of states like Illinois has banned texting but allows limited cellphone use while driving. Some states entirely outlaw hand-held cellphone use; other states have no cellphone restrictions at all.

Family files lawsuit following fatal Glenview garbage truck crash

When driving, when another vehicle is in the way, it is customary to beep at that other vehicle in order to alert them to their error. At the very least, honking the horn also lets the other driver know another vehicle is approaching their way. One could say the simple act of beeping can even prevent an accident. 

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