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Family files lawsuit following fatal Glenview garbage truck crash

| Nov 8, 2013 | Truck Accidents |

When driving, when another vehicle is in the way, it is customary to beep at that other vehicle in order to alert them to their error. At the very least, honking the horn also lets the other driver know another vehicle is approaching their way. One could say the simple act of beeping can even prevent an accident. 

However, according to a recently filed lawsuit, earlier this month, when a garbage truck was entering the intersection of Harlem Avenue and Harrison Street in Glenview, the truck driver did not honk the horn, even though a car was also entering the intersection at the same time. 

The passenger vehicle — a 2006 Kia SUV — and the garbage truck ended up colliding. The Kia burst into flames. Three residents of Chicago inside of that Kia were killed. 

Recently, the family of the 65-year-old passenger who was killed filed a lawsuit against the Village of Skokie. It was a Village of Skokie employee who was driving the garbage truck at the time of the fatal crash.

In this lawsuit, the garbage truck driver is accused of negligence for not being on the proper lookout and failing to beep “when such a warning was reasonably necessary to ensure safety.” 

At this point, the details of the fatal accident are still under investigation. However, officials from Skokie claim the truck driver had the right of way. It was supposedly the other driver who violated the two-way stop sign control.

In a case such as this one, it is normal for there to be a good amount of back and forth with what happened. However, this is where an attorney can step in, to inform the family of their legal rights and options.

Source: Chicago Tribune, “Lawsuit filed against Skokie in fatal crash involving garbage truck,” Alexandra Chachkevitch, Oct. 29, 2013