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Women say Essure coils cause abdominal pain, other side effects

Reports are coming out about a dangerous birth control device called Essure, and women in Illinois may want to beware, as one woman reportedly may have died from complications linked to the product.

Rather than having their tubes tied, thousands of women opted for a less expensive and less invasive procedure involving Essure, a permanent birth control device made of small metal coils that a doctor implants in a woman's fallopian tubes. But in some cases, those metal coils have broken, and many women are complaining of a variety of adverse side effects.

There have been cases of severe bloating, headaches, abdominal pain and allergic reactions to the nickel in the Essure coils. So far at least 838 cases of adverse side effects have been officially reported and linked to Essure.

One woman is believed to have suffered fatal complications from the product. She was admitted to an emergency room earlier this year after experiencing abdominal pain. Doctors found that her fallopian tubes, uterus and cervix were near death, and in August she passed away.

The Food and Drug Administration was made aware of her death and the possible link to Essure, but Bayer, the giant pharmaceutical company that now owns the manufacturer of Essure, denied any direct connection. Incidentally, Essure is an FDA-approved medical device, and it remains to be seen whether the agency does anything to stop future adverse events.

When manufacturers fail to warn consumers about the risks associated with medical products, injured patients or their families have the right to sue the negligent manufacturer for damage. In other cases, a doctor may have failed to inform a patient of certain risks, and injured parties should be aware of their right to hold negligent doctors accountable.

Source:, "Essure birth control: Woman dies, report filed with FDA on Essure coils," Heather Catallo, Oct. 24, 2013

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