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May 2014 Archives

Lawsuit over chemical burn filed in Cook County Circuit Court

When a person purchases a product for a business, they are putting trust in the product's manufacturer that the item is safe to use as long as reasonable safety guidelines are followed. When design flaws and other issues are present with the product, injuries to employees are possible. These injuries can lead to significant expenses. A recent product liability lawsuit filed in the Cook County Circuit Court alleges that an oven manufacturer's faulty oven design caused injuries to an employee.

Chicago school bus driver tried to keep quiet about bus accident

Chicago police say that a school bus driver was involved in an accident that injured nine children, yet he failed to report it right away. The accident occurred at around 9:15 a.m. on May 15. A Chicago police public affairs spokesman says that the bus was travelling westbound down Lake Street in Chicago when it allegedly grazed a CTA support beam as it was turning north onto Damen Avenue. The bus was full of kids at the time and was heading towards A.N. Pritzker School on Schiller Street when the collision occurred.

Industrial plant accident claims the life of Illinois man

Working in an industrial setting can be a very dangerous career choice. Large machines, heavy equipment, and other over-sized items can often lead to safety issues. When anything present in the work environment is a safety hazard, it is up to the employer to make sure that all applicable safety guidelines are followed so that employees can stay safe as they work. When an industrial plant accident occurs, the worker who was injured might have injuries so bad that death occurs.

La Grange, Illinois, man killed by train in Metra accident

The police chief in La Grange, Illinois, says that a BNSF Metra train coming out of Chicago struck and killed a pedestrian who was attempting to cross the track on foot last Tuesday evening. A BNSF spokesman says that the accident occurred around 7:25 p.m. when Metra train No. 1287 hit the 66-year-old man in the vicinity of the La Grange Road station. The accident halted trains in both directions as both the police and BNSF began their investigations.

Woman dies after giving birth, wrongful death lawsuit filed

For most families, having a new baby is a joyous experience that isn't easily compared to any other experience. Tragically, there are some births that have a dark shadow surrounding them because of events that occurred during or after the birth. One lawsuit that was filed in the Cook County Circuit Court shows just how tragic a birth story can turn.

Garbage truck accident with school bus injures 11 kids

Parents of 11 Southern Illinois children are all breathing a collective sigh of relief after an accident between a daycare bus and a garbage truck sent 11 kids and two adults to a hospital. Police reports say that at around 7:15a.m. on the morning of May 2, a garbage truck owned by a commercial trash collection company turned a corner at a high rate of speed. The daycare bus had just turned the same corner going in the opposite direction when the garbage truck tipped from excessive speed and collided with the bus's rear end. The resulting impact spun the bus around and then off the road. The garbage truck ultimately ended up on its side in a grassy area off to the side of the road.

Fatal accident on Lake Shore Drive caused by alleged drunk driver

Chicago's iconic Lake Shore Drive is a bustling road that requires a driver's full attention. Tight lanes that are almost always packed with cars leave little room for driver error. When a driver decides to drink and drive on this road, tragedy can easily occur. On Friday morning, an alleged drunk driver proved that point.

10-year sentence for former police officer in Chicago

A man who was once a North Chicago police officer will face 10 years behind bars after an accident that took two lives and caused serious injuries to another person. He pleaded guilty during the case. All three counts were for aggravated drunk driving.

Worker death is the key topic at Worker's Memorial Day event

Everyone plans to come back home at the end of the day when they step out of the door each morning to go to work. For most Americans that is the case, but a recent event sponsored by a local union helps remember those workers who couldn't return home. Last Saturday, over 75 people turned out at the United Steelworkers, Local 105, union hall in an event sponsored by the Alcoa Davenport Works joint safety and health committee to observe Worker's Memorial Day.

Woman died 10 days after surgery, Chicago hospital sued

Having surgery is something that most people will do only when it becomes absolutely necessary. When the surgery is over, the patient is usually monitored for any abnormalities during the immediate healing period. Even after the patient is discharged from the surgical center or hospital, proper monitoring is still vital. One lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court on April 15 brings the issue of proper monitoring after surgery into question.

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