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Chicago bus driver slams on brakes, injured rider sues

Riding the Chicago Transit Authority buses are a good way to get around the city. When you choose to take these buses, you are trusting that the bus driver will drive in a manner that help to keep the riders safe. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. When the CTA operator doesn't operate the bus in a safe manner, riders and other motorists can be injured. A recent lawsuit filed in the Cook County Circuit Court shows that accidents do happen that can cause riders to suffer from injuries, even if the accident doesn't involve a crash.

The lawsuit claims that a woman was riding on a northbound CTA bus on Sheridan Road when the driver abruptly hit the brakes near the Morse Avenue intersection. The woman says she was injured when she fell as a result of the driver slamming on the brakes. The incident occurred on Dec. 3, 2013.

This injured woman has decided to stand up against the CTA and seek compensation for the injuries she suffered because of an action by the bus driver. The woman who was injured has filed a lawsuit against the driver and the Chicago Transit Authority in connection with the accident. The lawsuit is asking for costs plus damages that exceed jurisdictional limits.

Anyone who is injured in a CTA accident caused by a CTA representative can follow this woman's lead and seek compensation for his or her injuries. Claims for medical expenses, lost wages and other damages might be some that pertain to the accident you were involved in. Knowing how to file the claims and learning about your rights might help you as you go through the legal process.

Source: The Cook County Record, "Woman slaps CTA with suit over bus driver's abrupt stop," June 27, 2014

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