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October 2014 Archives

Your rights in rear-end Illinois auto accidents

When a car accident in Illinois happens, it is common for people to not be sure -- at least not at first -- what caused the accident. Everything can happen so quickly that it is almost a blur. The line between driving safely down the highway and being involved in a serious crash is very thin.

What do survival actions have to do with wrongful death claims?

Individuals left behind after a loved one's death benefit from both of these legal claims. Survival actions and wrongful death claims have separate purposes, but compensation resulting from them often comfort the same people – family members of a Chicago decedent.

Why manufacturers put ridiculous warnings on Illinois products

You've probably seen warning labels on Chicago products that seemed obvious or utterly foolish. If you search online for "dumb warning labels," you'll come up with list after list of product instructions and labels that are funny. Manufacturers aren't trying to make you chuckle.

Does strict liability apply to Illinois defective car claims?

Many liability claims require injured parties to produce proof of a defendant's negligence. That approach is used in Illinois product liability cases, but alternate theories are available including strict liability. Evidence of negligence is not required to show a car manufacturer created a defective product.

Causes and effects of spinal cord injuries

Pain and incapacity can severely diminish the quality of life. An injury to the spinal cord through physical trauma or disease may devastate a victim and create hardships for concerned family members. The condition may impose tremendous financial pressure on Cook County families struggling with high doctor, hospital and at-home medical expenses as well as the loss of a wage earner's income.

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