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Your rights in rear-end Illinois auto accidents

When a car accident in Illinois happens, it is common for people to not be sure -- at least not at first -- what caused the accident. Everything can happen so quickly that it is almost a blur. The line between driving safely down the highway and being involved in a serious crash is very thin.

However, your rights to compensation are centered around who was at fault in the crash. Make sure that you know how this works if you are injured, especially if you are suffering from injuries that will impact you for the rest of your life.

For instance, take the case where a young women was in a car that was involved in a rear-end accident. The driver of a semi fell asleep while behind the wheel. That semi then plowed into the back of the young woman's car, and she was paralyzed. Even with medical care, this may not be something that ever leaves her life.

In accidents like that, you can be fairly confident that you are not at fault. The rule of thumb is that the driver who hits the back of another vehicle is the one who caused the crash. Of course, there are rare exceptions, but drivers are always told that they must drive within a safe distance of the next car, giving themselves space to come to a safe stop even if that car put on its brakes for no apparent reason.

Do you have more questions about how car accidents occur and how to know who was at fault? If so, we encourage you to look at our car accidents page, which has a lot of valuable information.

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