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What damage claims are available after a Chicago car accident?

Financial relief is sought by people who file Illinois injury claims. Civil courts cannot undo the harm caused by auto accidents. Compensation is as close as a jury can come to easing the hardships experienced by crash victims and their families.

Each state sets down rules for personal injury and wrongful death claims. Statutes detail the procedures and timeline for filings of complaints, evidence required by plaintiffs to prove negligence and factors affecting a determination of fault. States also set boundaries for damages plaintiffs may claim.

Some Illinois residents may not be aware jury awards can cover past, current and projected medical expenses for an injured party. Laws take into consideration that serious injuries sometimes involve long-term or life-long care, like ongoing needs for paralysis or permanently disabled victims.

Mental anguish is compensable, too. Pain and suffering can be a combination of physical and mental trauma suffered in the wake of an accident. Psychological harm may be caused by disfigurement, a loss of the enjoyment or quality of life, anxiety and other types of emotional distress.

The loss of wages may be claimed in both cases, due to the impact upon individuals as well as families. An accident victim's earning capacity may be wiped out temporarily or permanently. In some circumstances, the ability to work and earn income is diminished – the victim can work but is unable to bring in wages he or she once did due to an injury.

It is important to note damage claims in personal injury lawsuits differ from those in wrongful death complaints. Injury claims predominantly are for damages directly affecting the victim. Wrongful death actions focus on the financial hardships imposed upon survivors – parents, children or spouses – due to a loved one's death.

A liability attorney can advise what economic and non-economic damages, like an uninjured spouse's loss of consortium, may be sought in your claim.

Source: FindLaw, "What Kinds of Damages May I Claim for Car Accident Injuries?" Nov. 16, 2014

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