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March 2015 Archives

What are medical expenses associated with a spinal cord injury?

The costs for treating a severe injury caused by an accident can be considerable. Extensive hospital treatments, long-term rehabilitation or a lifetime of continuous care may be necessary. Costs don't remain stagnant -- medical expenses for Chicago spinal cord injury patients increase year after year.

Medical mistakes Illinois doctors are ignoring

Chicago patients visit doctors with the expectation of an accurate diagnosis -- maybe not on the first visit but eventually. We trust doctors to get it right, but that doesn't happen as much as patients would like to believe. Misdiagnoses and delayed diagnoses are frequent occurrences, even for common illnesses.

Pinpointing surgical errors to prevent medical malpractice

In the medical community, as with other professions, problems must be acknowledged and identified before solutions can be effective. The risks of causing serious injuries or deaths are high when Chicago doctors and hospitals fail to change unsafe behavior patterns.

What Chicago parents don’t know about dangerous toys

Chicago parents may assume all children's products sold to consumers are safe. After all, we have strong government rules set up to safeguard us against the sale of dangerous children's toys. As high as safety standards are in the U.S., some defective children's products slip into the marketplace.

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