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What information will your attorney need following a truck crash?

If you've been involved in an accident with a truck, even if you were fortunate enough to escape serious injury, you're likely badly shaken up. However, if you are considering seeking compensation for damages and injuries via a civil lawsuit in Illinois, there are some things that will help a personal injury attorney provide advice regarding pursuing a lawsuit against the trucking company, the driver and/or any other responsible entities or individuals.

Following is some key information that you should have with you when you meet with your attorney:

-- You should have details about the accident, including how, when and where it occurred. This includes police reports, witness information and pictures or video from the scene.

-- Your lawyer will need information about your vehicle. This includes damages caused by the accident and an estimate of the repair costs. He or she will also need to know what condition it was in prior to the accident.

-- Any details that you have about the truck driver and the company for whom he or she was driving are crucial. It helps if you have the driver's license information and license plate number.

-- Medical information related to your injuries is also crucial. Your attorney will need to know if you went to the hospital, what the diagnosis of your injuries was, what tests or treatment you received and what follow-up treatment you need. Your lawyer will also ask what symptoms or injuries you still have and how they have impacted your daily life and your ability to work. If you've lost wages because of the accident, that can be factored in to your request for compensation.

-- Finally, your attorney will need to know some things about you. What kind of driving record do you have? Do you have any criminal convictions? These things may have no relevance to your case, but the defendants likely will try to use anything they can find to keep from paying out any more than they have to.

If you're unsure of where to get some of this information, your insurance company can probably help you. Your attorney can also help get any relevant information about the accident and those involved. However, if you have as much information as possible when you consult with an attorney, the two of you can make more efficient use of your time together.

Source: FindLaw, "Five Things to Research Before Meeting a Truck Accident Attorney," accessed March 03, 2016

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