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Could you survive a plane crash?

Air travel has become so commonplace that many travelers don't think twice about their safety while cruising at altitudes of 30,000 feet. Overall, their complacency is understandable, because air travel is a very safe mode of transportation.

In one report, the National Transportation Safety Board reported the survival rates for those involved in crashes was greater than 95 percent. Even when the crash was serious and caused significant damage and fire to the aircraft, more than 76 percent of airline passengers still managed to survive.

Regardless, it's wise to be prepared for any potential mass transit accident, so below are some tips that could save your life should your plane crash.

Remember that passengers only have a minute-and-a-half to evacuate the plane after crash-landing. That's all the time it takes to fully engulf a plane in a fireball that destroys all in its path. So you have to be prepared to move fast, which means you should wear shoes like sneakers or other flats to minimize difficulties in exiting burning wreckage.

The Federal Aviation Administration determined from analyzing crash data that typical crash survivors are young men with slender builds, and older, overweight women have the lowest survivability rates. Not only must you be able to move fast, you also have to fit through exits that can be as narrow as 20 inches.

Bigger planes are a safer bet than smaller regional aircraft because they absorb more of the deadly energy released upon impact in a crash. Always sit in within five rows of an exit whenever possible, as analysis shows these passengers tend to have higher survival rates because they are able to get out.

Most plane crashes happen either in the first three minutes after the pilot takes off or the final eight minutes of the flight. Be especially aware of what's going on during that time so you are ready to spring into action and get yourself and your family members out quickly after crash-landing.

In the event that you do survive but are injured, you may need to file suit against the airline or other responsible party in order to receive financial compensation for your injuries.

Source: The Art of Manliness, "How to Survive a Plane Crash: 10 Tips That Could Save Your Life," Brett & Kate McKay, accessed Aug. 26, 2016

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