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What kind of damages can I pursue after an accident?

Those who get into a motor vehicle accident are not necessarily limited to pursuing claims for a single type of economic recovery from the at-fault driver or others. While all accidents are different, some circumstances may open the door to additional types of compensation. Below are some potential damages that claimants may seek.

-- Medical expenses: This includes the cost of all medical treatment the plaintiff received due to the auto accident.

-- Lost wages: Did you lose work due to being injured? If so, your personal injury attorney will add up the total amount that you lost out on earning and include it in your claim.

-- Loss of earning capacity: Sometimes plaintiffs are unable to earn the same wages or salary they previously did due to the repercussions from their accidents. Courts look to the prior earnings the injured person brought in, and also take into account multiple other factors when making these calculations.

-- Pain and suffering: Past and potential physical pain in the future that's connected to injuries from an accident is a recoverable damage. In order to monetize the amount, juries consider the injury's nature and severity, certainty of pain in the future and the estimated length of time a plaintiff will likely suffer pain.

-- Loss of consortium: If spouses of those injured in accidents are deprived of some benefits of married life they previously enjoyed, they may be able to file a claim for these losses. These claims may be tied to a loss of comfort, affection, companionship, solace, society, sexual relations and assistance or help from their injured spouse. Recovery is linked with the injured spouse's claim.

Not all accidents and injuries will yield all of these potential avenues of economic recovery. To learn which are applicable in your circumstances, professional legal guidance may be helpful.

Source: Findlaw, "Economic Recovery for Accidents and Injuries," accessed Sep. 30, 2016

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