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July 2017 Archives

The persistence of wrongful death caused by vehicle accidents

If you are like us, you hear cautious statements about staying safe on the road all the time. There are many public service campaigns warning about the dangers of distracted driving, drowsy driving and drunken driving. Residents in Chicago are inundated by these campaigns as are the rest of the nation's citizens. So, why do preventable and fatal motor vehicle accidents still happen at such an alarming rate?

When weather is a factor in Chicago car accidents

The recent inclement weather Chicago has seen has given our lawyers some food for thought, which we would like to share with our readers. What happens if you get into a multi-car accident during a spell of bad weather? Is the weather solely responsible or could negligent driving also have played a role?

Common reasons for commercial truck accidents

Car crashes involving a commercial vehicle are much more likely to result in an injury or fatality. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that out of 141,000 observed crashes involving a commercial truck, 87 percent of them were a result of driver error.

Setting recovery goals after suffering spinal cord injuries

For Chicago residents suffering from a spinal cord injury, the road to recovery often feels too long and too strewn with insurmountable obstacles. Worsening the situation is the emotional and mental trauma spinal cord injury victims must also deal with. While there is no one fast fix for these victims, sometimes the goal setting process can be beneficial for recovering physically as well as emotionally.

Trains: Learning from mass transit accidents in Chicago's past

Some things that happened in the past are painful to ponder. Even so, thinking about certain past events can be an opportunity to learn and to take that education into the future. We all know that Chicago has a colorful history in many ways. Despite our state's growth and technological advancements, its history of mass transit vehicles—in this case trains—have had a few rough spots to say the very least.

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