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Setting recovery goals after suffering spinal cord injuries

For Chicago residents suffering from a spinal cord injury, the road to recovery often feels too long and too strewn with insurmountable obstacles. Worsening the situation is the emotional and mental trauma spinal cord injury victims must also deal with. While there is no one fast fix for these victims, sometimes the goal setting process can be beneficial for recovering physically as well as emotionally.

Setting goals is a mandatory process after suffering any kind of severe injury. Therapists and physicians typically attempt to involve the patient in this process as often as possible. This can help patients focus on something other than the tragedy they have suffered and it empowers them to take an active role in their treatment.

Below are a few of the most common functional goals patients are encouraged to set following spinal cord injuries.

  • For patients with limited ability to move the neck and head functional goals can include improving mobility, breathing without or with decreased assistance, working on daily tasks and improving communication skills.
  • For those who can move their neck and head, common functional goals include learning to breathe independently and learning to use assistive technology for help with daily tasks.
  • If the spinal cord injury has mostly affected the lower back and legs, functional goals include self-feeding, self-bathing, some self-health care and improvements in mobility.

Regardless of whether a spinal cord injury occurred in a motor vehicle accident or some other accident caused by negligence, the role of the victim is just as important as the role of health care providers in achieving as much independence as possible. Becoming healthy and more independent is essential for pursing any kind of legal action against the party that caused your injuries.

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