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When weather is a factor in Chicago car accidents

The recent inclement weather Chicago has seen has given our lawyers some food for thought, which we would like to share with our readers. What happens if you get into a multi-car accident during a spell of bad weather? Is the weather solely responsible or could negligent driving also have played a role?

Recently, a three-car accident occurred during heavy downpours in Chicago. The accident left three people injured with one of them in critical condition. The focus of this blog post is not on this accident but rather any underlying negligence that could lie at the heart in similar car accidents occurring in bad weather.

In most cases, drivers will be warned to exercise caution when thunderstorms, heavy snowfall or other inclement weather moves across Chicago. One of the questions we have been considering is this: Will everyone heed these cautions or will some drivers assume they are immune to an accident and drive normally. Other questions related to bad weather situations include:

  • Can you prove negligent driving in a storm-related car accident?
  • Does vehicle maintenance play a role in bad weather accidents?
  • What if a driver is distracted by the weather and causes an accident?
  • Is slowing down dramatically and causing a pile-up during a storm considered negligence?

Thinking about the weather and its role in car accidents made us want to reach out to our neighbors with the following message. It is definitely worth investigating if you suspect driver negligence contributed to your poor weather car accident. Doing so could increase any compensation you receive and put you on the path to recovery. Please see our website for further information.

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