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What it costs to live with spinal cord injuries

It could be argued that a great portion of responsibility in building a successful truck accident claim is on the attorney's shoulders. This is certainly true because a good attorney knows how to collect the right evidence to support your claim and knows how to present this evidence to the court. However, we believe that a team approach is often the best way to build a winning claim.

A team approach means that the plaintiff and the attorney work together to strengthen the case. Playing such an important role can often imbue the victim of a truck accident with a sense of purpose, which can help with emotional and physical recovery. A team approach does not mean that you do the lawyer's work. Rather it simply means that you play an important role in standing up for your rights and keeping your case on track for success.

On average, a patient with spinal cord injuries high on the spine (aka high tetraplegia) resulting in paralysis in all limbs must spend over $1 million dollars for the first year of treatment. Each subsequent year, the costs are nearly $190,000. The estimated lifetime costs of living with high tetraplegia can soar over $4.5 million, depending upon the age at which the patient was injured.

Patients with paraplegia, or paralysis of the legs or lower body will still need a fortune to pay for medical care. The first year average costs are more than $500,000 and each subsequent year costs nearly $70,000. Estimated lifetime costs soar well over $2 million for those injured in their 20s.

Even minor spinal cord injuries can quickly wipe out a patient's savings. For example, incomplete motor function at any level will mean more than $1 million dollars in expenses over the patient's lifetime.

If you are one of the many Illinois residents suffering from spinal cord injuries caused by another party's negligence, please consider talking with an attorney. In many cases, pursuing legal action can mean getting the financial compensation you need to receive ongoing health care.

Source: Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, "Costs of living with SCI," accessed Sep. 29, 2017

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