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What it costs to live with spinal cord injuries

Health care is expensive, but you already know that. Fortunately, most people need only pay for health care if they break a bone or catch the flu, but even then, it hurts financially. Now, imagine a chronic and debilitating condition that requires ongoing, long-term care. Even with health insurance, the costs of receiving the kind of treatment necessary can boggle the mind.

Spinal cord injuries are serious conditions that typically require ongoing medical care. Many victims of spinal cord injury cannot work and have almost no means with which to pay their medical expenses. To get a clear picture of what it cost to live with spinal cord injuries, please review the following information.

On average, a patient with spinal cord injuries high on the spine (aka high tetraplegia) resulting in paralysis in all limbs must spend over $1 million dollars for the first year of treatment. Each subsequent year, the costs are nearly $190,000. The estimated lifetime costs of living with high tetraplegia can soar over $4.5 million, depending upon the age at which the patient was injured.

Patients with paraplegia, or paralysis of the legs or lower body will still need a fortune to pay for medical care. The first year average costs are more than $500,000 and each subsequent year costs nearly $70,000. Estimated lifetime costs soar well over $2 million for those injured in their 20s.

Even minor spinal cord injuries can quickly wipe out a patient's savings. For example, incomplete motor function at any level will mean more than $1 million dollars in expenses over the patient's lifetime.

If you are one of the many Illinois residents suffering from spinal cord injuries caused by another party's negligence, please consider talking with an attorney. In many cases, pursuing legal action can mean getting the financial compensation you need to receive ongoing health care.

Source: Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, "Costs of living with SCI," accessed Sep. 29, 2017

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