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October 2017 Archives

Driver still at large in fatal Chicago hit and run accident

Repeatedly rammed from behind; dragged for two blocks; and intentionally run off the road: a few of the shocking details surrounding an accident that killed a young Illinois father. As of another recent report, the authorities still do not have a suspect in custody and continue to investigate the incident. Further, no one seems to know why anyone would do this to the victim.

Prevention is the best way to reduce Chicago school bus accidents

Autumn is a busy time of year for young girls and boys in America. They are settling in at school, getting ready for Halloween, and of course, spending time on school buses. It is a prime time for school bus accidents as motor vehicles and buses settle into a mutually safe traffic pattern.

Is the seat belt defense a concern for Illinois accident victims?

This is a great question for all Illinois residents who are considering a personal injury claim after suffering car accident injuries. Exploring all potential defenses can help you strengthen your case and prepare you in advance for any possible response on the part of the defendant.

When you suspect wrongful death took your loved one

If you have lost a loved one in a Chicago car accident or in another unexpected way, it is natural to feel an urge to place blame. In many cases, this feeling will pass, especially if no evidence exists to indicate wrongful death. However, there are some cases when a family member or even a friend remains certain that the deceased died in a wrongful manner. Further, there may even be some indication that the person died wrongfully.

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