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When settling an accident claim does not make sense

| Dec 28, 2018 | Uncategorized |

Few things can ruin your day faster than a car accident. For fender benders, automobile collisions are often a minor inconvenience. In a major accident, however, you may receive long-term injuries that could plague you for the rest of your life. 

Car accidents are on the rise across Illinois. While you may drive responsibly, you likely cannot eliminate your chances of swapping paint with another vehicle. Following an accident, an insurance company may pressure you to settle the claim quickly. While settlements are often advantageous, they are not appropriate in every instance. 

Settlement offers may simply be too low 

Calculating damages after a collision can be challenging. Not only must you think about replacing damaged property, but you must also ensure you receive adequate compensation to cover ongoing medical treatment. Before you agree to settle an accident claim, you must be sure you account for all your expenses. If the settlement offer does not cover them, it may be too low for you to accept. 

You may need more time 

In the weeks after a serious automobile accident, you must focus on your recovery. The insurance company, however, may have different objectives. That is, an insurer may want to settle the claim quickly to close the file. If you need more time to consider your options, rejecting a settlement offer may provide it. 

You want additional information 

You are probably not an insurance, automotive or medical expert. Therefore, you may lack the background to understand whether you are receiving a fair settlement offer. Rather than immediately settling your accident claim, you may want to ask for a professional legal opinion. 

Car accidents can be both painful and stressful. Even though settling your accident claim may allow you to move forward, it may not be in your best interest to do so. Simply put, you should only settle when you feel comfortable with the settlement offer.