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Causes and effects of spinal cord injuries

Pain and incapacity can severely diminish the quality of life. An injury to the spinal cord through physical trauma or disease may devastate a victim and create hardships for concerned family members. The condition may impose tremendous financial pressure on Cook County families struggling with high doctor, hospital and at-home medical expenses as well as the loss of a wage earner's income.

A spinal cord injury can be the result of direct or indirect damage. Herniated disks and injuries to surrounding ligaments or bones in the spinal column can harm the spinal cord. The injury interferes with or cuts off the information flow between the body and brain.

Legal options for victims following an Illinois plant accident

Chicago plant workers are reliant upon employers to maintain safe workplaces. An employer is responsible for creating and implementing safety plans, in line with state and federal guidelines. Some Illinois employers make safety a low priority, especially when creating a safe job environment involves spending money that would otherwise be profits.

Industrial plant fires and explosions can be deadly and ravage the lives of numerous families. Financial and emotional blows are added to the lists of deaths and catastrophic injuries. Wage earners are incapacitated and, due to damage caused by a blast, may have no job waiting when they are healthy enough to work.

Illinois wrongful death claim filed over church accident

An Illinois woman died recently, after she was struck by a piece of decorative stone that fell from the outside of a church. WMAQ-TV reported the Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago had a history of failed building inspections between 2007 and 2011, including exterior wall problems. Other reports stated the structure passed 2012 and 2013 inspections but had not been inspected this year.

The mother of two was hit by the stone piece -- part of a gargoyle apparently clipped by a piece of falling metal -- as she was waiting with her boyfriend to cross a street in front of the church. The couple was headed to lunch at the time of the fatal accident. The victim was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Defendant liability in Chicago bus accident claims

Chicago residents hop on a bus every day and may give no thought to the injuries they could suffer in a mass transit accident. Many people are very trusting of the services common carriers like buses, airlines and trains provide. After all, these professionals are paid to transport you in safety.

We know from headlines safe bus trips don't always happen. What many Illinois residents don't know is what to do if they are injured in a bus accident. Bus crashes can involve negligence but unlike less complex accidents, fault can spread beyond the parties directly involved in a collision.

Illinois widow: Airline neglected husband’s fatal chest pains

Doing something wrong may be better or worse than doing nothing at all. However, either behavior -- a mistake or a failure to take reasonable action to prevent an injury or death – can be considered negligence in a Chicago liability case. The word "reasonable" is the key.

A determination of negligence depends upon how a defendant acted prior to or during an accident. A speeding driver who causes a fatal accident dismisses the danger of driving too fast and at the same time, disregards the safety of everyone else. Speeding falls outside what a jury might conclude is a reasonable action for law-abiding drivers.

Ammo explodes at Illinois plant, kills 2 recycling workers

No Chicago worker is immune from workplace dangers, although employees are likely to encounter hazards in some types of occupations more than others. A high-rise construction worker is certainly at a safety disadvantage compared to a cubicle-bound computer programmer. No matter what job workers have, Illinois employers are required to follow safety rules to protect them.

Two men at a recycling factory recently were killed on the job. A third employee at Totall Metal Recycling near St. Louis also was injured in the industrial plant explosion. The blast apparently was caused by a mortar shell that blew up outside the building.

Charges for fatal accident hinge on Illinois teen's test results

It would be unfair to say all teen drivers in Illinois are careless or reckless because it isn't true. However, some teens lack maturity and experience with consequences, not just as drivers but as people. Teens often don't realize their behaviors can injure or kill others, but that's not an excuse to escape accountability.

Authorities in Iroquois County are waiting for toxicology test results to decide how to charge a 17-year-old driver who caused a fatal accident. State police believe the male teen was driving under the influence of alcohol when he raced through a stop sign in Crescent City. The teen crashed into another vehicle, killing the driver and severely injuring a child.

3 left in critical condition due to alleged Illinois drunk driver

Getting into a car accident is probably the last thing on your mind when you go for a drive. Unfortunately, there are many dangerous people on the roads. If you're in a crash, remember that you're able to attempt to seek compensation for damages and your pain and suffering, much like these men may want to do.

Four people were hurt in an accident recently when two cars hit each other in Park Manor. The car accident took place during the night at around 12:45 a.m., police reported, close to the 300 block of East 71st Street. At that point, officers on the scene reported seeing a car traveling east on 71st Street come into contact with a Scion that was headed south.

Basic facts and statistics about Illinois railway accidents

Here in Chicago, commuters have a wide variety of mass transportation selections to help them move about the city and local communities. Most commuters are well acquainted with the Chicago Transportation Authority, yet some area residents forget about the Metra and Amtrak trains that flow to and from the city every day.

Due to the high volume of rail traffic in Chicago and throughout the entire state, Illinois now trails only Texas in the overall number of railway crossings and cumulative miles of track. All of that rail activity has elevated Illinois to the top five states for the train accidents resulting in deaths and injuries.

Don't wait too long to seek compensation for Chicago accidents

When you are hurt in a mass transit accident, one of the first things you will probably do is seek medical care for your injuries. Because medical care isn't usually free, you will likely start to get bills in for the medical care you receive. Not only can these medical bills be a bother as you try to recover from your injuries, they can also cause serious damage to your finances and possibly your credit. One way that you might be able to do away with the irritation of these bills and the havoc they can cause is to seek compensation for your injuries.

The truth of the matter is that seeking compensation for damages when you are injured in a mass transit accident, such as a CTA accident or a Metra accident, can be rather complex. Not only do you have to know how to seek compensation, you also have to have an understanding of the laws governing these claims. One of the considerations you have to think about is how the statute of limitation affects your case.

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