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Patients kept in the dark about medication mistakes

Physicians just like all other workers make mistakes. They fail to diagnose patients' ailments, perform inappropriate medical procedures and prescribe the wrong medications. A recent study from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine shows that physicians in Chicago and elsewhere are increasingly less likely to admit to medication error mistakes; however, it is a dangerous omission that affects not only patients, but family members and hospital staff as well.

Surgeon's history comes back to bite her in Illinois lawsuit

Neurosurgery is considered to be one of the more complicated areas of medicine. This is why many patients in need of a neurosurgeon trust that they are receiving care from an exceptionally qualified physician.. Unfortunately, one Illinois family is figuring out the consequences of a medical accident caused by a neurosurgeon's negligence.

Side effects of stroke may have been mitigated, suit says

When a loved one heads to the doctor or is admitted to the hospital, it is often expected that they are there to receive help, not harm. This is often the case, but in some instances medical malpractice has caused severe issues to arise, some of those issues being as serious as death. People in Chicago should be aware of this possibility so that they can learn to take preventative actions against such possibilities when seeking medical attention.

What happens when a patient is anesthetized?

There are many uncertainties that may go through a patient's mind before a surgical procedure. This is understandable, considering that in these circumstances, the health of the patient is being placed into the hands of a surgeon who is often someone the patient does not know personally. But because of the title and extensive education, many people trust physicians not to make mistakes. It should not be forgotten that doctors are people, too.

Brain damage, birth injuries may elicit lawsuits from parents

Expecting mothers in Chicago should not have to worry about the possibility of them or their children becoming injured during their deliveries. But medical malpractice occurs on occasion and can cause some serious complications to arise, even in the case of well-known procedures such as the caesarean section.

Illinois parents file suit over son's alleged birth injuries

Expecting parents have a lot to worry about. From learning about infant care to picking the color of the baby's room, there are many different concerns for parents. Worrying about the safety of the child during birth is not one that many expect though. A lawsuit filed earlier this year in Illinois deals directly with such a situation.

Medication errors cause near fatality in one patient

A recent report may unnerve some recent hospital patients. Though the report comes from outside of Chicago, it does not mean that medical professionals at hospitals in the area are incapable of making a similar mistake. According to the aforementioned report, nurses at a hospital in Pennsylvania were to blame for medication errors that could have caused serious complications.

Some physicians pay more for malpractice claims than others

Chicago area residents are generally not aware of the situations that their medical providers have previously gotten into through the care that has been provided to other patients. It is not unheard of for a physician to have to defend themselves for their medical services, but the severities of those claims vary greatly.

Congress passes law, courts cope with new malpractice rule

People who live in Chicago may be able to worry less when they head to the hospital. Changes in legislation over the past decade may be creating improvements in patient safety, giving those that are in the hospital decreased concerns over the possibility of a misdiagnosis or a medication error.

Subpar doctors allowed to practice in state despite data

According to the National Practitioner Data Bank -- which displays confidential information about physicians -- approximately 215 physicians in Illinois have had their clinical privileges restricted or revoked over the past 20 years in other states. All 215 of them are still licensed.

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