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Hit By A Car While Walking Or Jogging? You Need A Strong Legal Advocate On Your Side.

Chicago is a pedestrian-friendly city. Many residents choose to walk, jog or run whenever possible — especially downtown, where the restaurants and shops are abundant and the views along Lake Shore Drive spectacular.

Unfortunately, these same areas are crowded with cars, taxis, buses and delivery vehicles — and tourists who don’t know their way around and drive while distracted by the sights. As such, pedestrian accidents are all too common in Chicago. Motorists choose to disregard — or neglect to see — walkers and runners. And when pedestrians are hit by vehicles, the injuries tend to be severe.

We Have The Knowledge And Experience To Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, The Jasmer Law Firm can help. Pedestrian accidents can bring immediate and confusing legal questions and challenges. As leaders in the field who set the standard in personal injury law, we understand how to pursue compensation on your behalf.

We know the answers to common questions in pedestrian cases, such as:

  • Isn’t a pedestrian accident case the same as a car accident case?
  • What damages are available in a pedestrian accident case?
  • What kind of insurance coverage applies?
  • Who is the defendant in a case involving a Chicago Transit Authority vehicle, a delivery vehicle or a rental car?
  • How long does an injured pedestrian have to file a claim?
  • Who is at fault in a crosswalk accident?

Working Passionately Since 1996 To Protect Injured People’s Rights

The Jasmer Law Firm provides the diligent, aggressive and knowledgeable help you need when a pedestrian accident results in serious injuries or wrongful death. While you recover or grieve, we can handle your injury or wrongful death claim and aggressively pursue compensation through negotiation or trial.

We know that litigation can be confusing and that it may be difficult to focus on pursuing a fair legal outcome following a serious accident. If you have questions following a pedestrian accident in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois, contact our office for a helpful, no-charge consultation with an experienced attorney. Call 312-386-7011 or 866-920-6021 to talk to an experienced Chicago pedestrian accident lawyer today.

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