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When you suspect wrongful death took your loved one

If you have lost a loved one in a Chicago car accident or in another unexpected way, it is natural to feel an urge to place blame. In many cases, this feeling will pass, especially if no evidence exists to indicate wrongful death. However, there are some cases when a family member or even a friend remains certain that the deceased died in a wrongful manner. Further, there may even be some indication that the person died wrongfully.

The persistence of wrongful death caused by vehicle accidents

If you are like us, you hear cautious statements about staying safe on the road all the time. There are many public service campaigns warning about the dangers of distracted driving, drowsy driving and drunken driving. Residents in Chicago are inundated by these campaigns as are the rest of the nation's citizens. So, why do preventable and fatal motor vehicle accidents still happen at such an alarming rate?

Choosing the right lawyer for your wrongful death claim

When a loved one dies, grieving family members experience a whirlwind of emotions. When it was a wrongful death, these emotions can be even harder to cope with. While many victims who have lost a loved one to wrongful death want to seek a legal remedy, their emotions often get in the way. A typical result of this is hiring the first attorney they find.

Chicago and Hammond officers named in wrongful death lawsuit

Police officers often carry a heavy burden. They are charged with apprehending dangerous criminals while also protecting the public. Which duty is the most important, and when does one duty supersede the other? For one Illinois family mourning the death of a teenager, the answers to these questions are painfully clear.

Legal solutions when you lose a loved one to wrongful death

The concept of taking legal action over the wrongful death of a family member is an extremely uncomfortable topic for many Illinois residents. As such, the bereaved often languish in impenetrable grief, unable to find a way to cope. We are not saying that seeking justice will make your pain go away. What we are saying is that it can help in some cases.

Helping families seek justice when a mother dies in childbirth

More than a decade and a half into the 21st century, the idea of a woman dying in childbirth in the U.S. seems impossible. However, tragically, it can and does happen all too often. In fact, women in this country are more likely to die while giving birth than those in any other developed country.

Why do doctors sometimes fail to recognize a heart attack?

It may be the season of joy. However, heart attacks and other heart-related events have been shown to spike over the holidays. Everything from shoveling snow to family dysfunction can contribute to cardiac issues this time of year. Further, people may be less likely to seek treatment if they experience symptoms while traveling or have a houseful of family.

Who is liable in a tour bus accident?

Whether you're touring the many scenic areas of this country or simply joining visiting friends and family on one of Chicago's many guided bus tours, chances are that you're going to find yourself on a tour bus at some point in your life. While people tend to feel safe on a tour bus, we've all seen footage of tragic tour bus accidents.

Do you have a toxic tort case?

Despite the many safety regulations that are in place to protect workers, consumers and the general public, toxic chemicals and materials are still all around us. Unfortunately, sometimes political interests trump safety issues, and powerful, well-funded companies are allowed to continue to pollute the air, water and materials that we're exposed to every day. When someone files a lawsuit as the result of an injury or death due to exposure to one of these materials or chemicals, it's called a "toxic tort."

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