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What Illinois drivers don't know about laws can kill them

The passage of a traffic law doesn't guarantee instant driver awareness or compliance, especially when a law forbids something that was once permitted. Texting while driving in Illinois became illegal in 2010. A lot of drivers apparently missed that news, if results of an Illinois Tollway survey were accurate.

What damage claims are available after a Chicago car accident?

Financial relief is sought by people who file Illinois injury claims. Civil courts cannot undo the harm caused by auto accidents. Compensation is as close as a jury can come to easing the hardships experienced by crash victims and their families.

5 people, including woman in store, injured in Chicago crash

You don't have to be on the street to be the victim of an auto accident. Sometimes you can be minding your own business indoors when it happens. Among five people injured in a crash on the afternoon of April 18 was a woman in a grocery store.

Chicago-area woman arrested for multiple car accidents, injuries

A 63-year Wilmette woman is facing multiple charges after a dangerous and destructive drive through the streets of Evanston on April 6. Police have not yet said what caused the woman's "erratic" rampage that injured two people, one of them seriously. However, no alcohol and illegal drugs were found during initial testing.

Illinois lawmakers could toughen Scott’s law penalties

Illinois statute 625-5:11-907(c) is known as Scott's Law, although the law is titled the "Operation of vehicles and streetcars on approach of authorized emergency vehicles." The law requires state drivers to yield, proceed with caution and, when possible, move away from parked emergency vehicles with activated flashers. Recent fatalities among emergency workers have prompted lawmakers to consider strengthening Scott's law penalties.

Illinois woman charged in fatal crash had seizure history

Driving restrictions may be placed upon Illinois drivers with disabilities or health problems. An individual's eligibility is determined by the Illinois Driver's License Medical Advisory Board, under Vehicle Code 625-6: 903. Drivers who knowingly ignore health conditions that could endanger other motorists may be held responsible for injuring or killing others in an auto accident.

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