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Brain injuries are debilitating, but there is hope

Illinois is home to many people that have sustained a traumatic brain injury. The potentially catastrophic injury is easily acquired-all it takes is an impact between the brain and the interior of the skull. This means that any sudden change in acceleration can cause a brain injury to occur. Consider the many situations in which this can happen: a fall from a ladder, a car accident, a tough tackle, an explosion, an icy floor, etc.

Brain injuries can happen in the blink of an eye

The human body, though very durable in some situations, is also very fragile. There are two types of injuries that highlight this fragility: spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. Both can happen in a variety of circumstances that leave a person from Chicago vulnerable to them while at home, work, running errands, or on the road.

Victim speaks out against texting and driving

The dangers of texting and driving are well known in Chicago. Many accidents have been associated with a driver using her or his cellular device while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Despite statistics and warnings about the consequences that texting and driving can cause, many people continue to do it and at least one victim of the combined act is willing to share his story as part of an advocacy campaign.

Brain damage, birth injuries may elicit lawsuits from parents

Expecting mothers in Chicago should not have to worry about the possibility of them or their children becoming injured during their deliveries. But medical malpractice occurs on occasion and can cause some serious complications to arise, even in the case of well-known procedures such as the caesarean section.

Master complaint filed against NFL for brain injuries

The National Football League has been accused of knowing about the potential for its players to experience brain injuries and not acting on it in the past. But a new lawsuit may be the largest and most-organized of these complaints. More than 80 pending lawsuits from former NFL athletes have been consolidated into a master complaint, one that includes more than 2,100 players.

Studies on TBIs show differing views, more research necessary

If what a new study says is true, those that have recently received brain injuries in Illinois may want to seek treatment or spend an extra few days recuperating from the injury. Brain injuries often occur due to sports and accidents, some of which result in lasting effects that could increase an individual's risk for depression or brain abnormalities.

Husband cares for wife after accident causes brain damage

Few injuries are as mysterious as brain injuries can be. While some in Chicago have experienced a traumatic brain injury with little long-term effects -- maybe a concussion that was properly treated -- and the individual is able to move forward with his or her life with little difficulty.

Woman uses popular device to communicate after accident

After a debilitating accident occurred last year, a 55-year-old woman is trying to regain portions of her former self. Three goals that she has set for herself include being able to speak again, to walk more and to regain the strength in her right hand. Currently, she cannot verbally communicate with more than one word.

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