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Should Illinois plaintiffs pursue a loss of consortium claim?

When a loved one has suffered an injury or wrongful death, one of the terms you may hear when you are considering seeking damages in civil court against those whom you hold responsible is "loss of consortium." In most cases, this is a claim that can only be brought by a spouse.

Drunk driver who killed Illinois college student sentenced

An Illinois teen was killed in January 2014, as she was walking along the shoulder of an out-of-state road with two other young women. All three were students at the same college. Two victims, ages 19 and 20, died and a third woman was injured by a hit-and-run driver.

Driver survived fatal accident that claimed 3 Illinois lives

A Chicago man survived a horrific crash that killed three passengers and hospitalized a fourth. Investigators in a nearby state said no other vehicles were involved in the Interstate 80-94 crash. The fatal accident happened in the early morning hours of a recent Sunday.

Victim's father blames Chicago driver and bar for son's death

Drivers' mistakes are often responsible for Illinois motor vehicle accident injuries and deaths. However, fatal car crashes also occur due to actions taken or omissions made by third parties. Examples would be a fatal accident caused by a manufacturer's automotive defect, like a faulty airbag, or the failure of a bar to stop serving alcohol to a patron.

What damage claims are available after a Chicago car accident?

Financial relief is sought by people who file Illinois injury claims. Civil courts cannot undo the harm caused by auto accidents. Compensation is as close as a jury can come to easing the hardships experienced by crash victims and their families.

What do survival actions have to do with wrongful death claims?

Individuals left behind after a loved one's death benefit from both of these legal claims. Survival actions and wrongful death claims have separate purposes, but compensation resulting from them often comfort the same people – family members of a Chicago decedent.

Illinois wrongful death claim filed over church accident

An Illinois woman died recently, after she was struck by a piece of decorative stone that fell from the outside of a church. WMAQ-TV reported the Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago had a history of failed building inspections between 2007 and 2011, including exterior wall problems. Other reports stated the structure passed 2012 and 2013 inspections but had not been inspected this year.

Charges for fatal accident hinge on Illinois teen's test results

It would be unfair to say all teen drivers in Illinois are careless or reckless because it isn't true. However, some teens lack maturity and experience with consequences, not just as drivers but as people. Teens often don't realize their behaviors can injure or kill others, but that's not an excuse to escape accountability.

3 left in critical condition due to alleged Illinois drunk driver

Getting into a car accident is probably the last thing on your mind when you go for a drive. Unfortunately, there are many dangerous people on the roads. If you're in a crash, remember that you're able to attempt to seek compensation for damages and your pain and suffering, much like these men may want to do.

Fatal crash results in 1 death, multiple injuries in Illinois

If you've ever been hurt in a crash or lost a loved one to a fatal injury, you know that you can be overwhelmed at the time of a tragedy. Despite this, it's important to seek the compensation and justice you deserve for your family member's wrongful death. If someone caused your loved one's death, he or she should be the person covering your costs and damages.

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