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What are medical expenses associated with a spinal cord injury?

The costs for treating a severe injury caused by an accident can be considerable. Extensive hospital treatments, long-term rehabilitation or a lifetime of continuous care may be necessary. Costs don't remain stagnant -- medical expenses for Chicago spinal cord injury patients increase year after year.

Causes and effects of a spinal cord injury

You may imagine people who suffer trauma to nerves encased within the spinal column are older or frail. In fact, most Chicago spinal cord injury patients may be younger than you think. Males, ages 15 to 35, are in the high-risk group, due to a tendency to participate in strenuous or unsafe activities more than females or other age groups.

Illinois settlement benefits daughters of fatal accident victim

Trucking companies, like other employers, can be held accountable for the actions of the people who work for them. Companies who employ truck drivers are responsible for hiring, training and monitoring licensed drivers. Even companies that hire drivers who are independent contractors may be found negligent.

The effect of a spinal cord injury on the body

The way a Cook County patient's body responds to spinal damage is dependent upon the location and type of injury. Spinal cord injuries are diagnosed as complete or incomplete – there is or isn't at least partial sensation below the point of injury. The initial loss of the ability to move or function doesn't mean the loss is permanent.

Illinois train accident kills mother, 3 kids headed to parade

Fault for a traffic accident may not be isolated to a single vehicle operator. Crash investigations sometimes determine blame is shared. In some cases, fault extends to third parties whose actions or inactions resulted in serious but preventable injuries or fatalities.

What do survival actions have to do with wrongful death claims?

Individuals left behind after a loved one's death benefit from both of these legal claims. Survival actions and wrongful death claims have separate purposes, but compensation resulting from them often comfort the same people – family members of a Chicago decedent.

Causes and effects of spinal cord injuries

Pain and incapacity can severely diminish the quality of life. An injury to the spinal cord through physical trauma or disease may devastate a victim and create hardships for concerned family members. The condition may impose tremendous financial pressure on Cook County families struggling with high doctor, hospital and at-home medical expenses as well as the loss of a wage earner's income.

Illinois wrongful death claim filed over church accident

An Illinois woman died recently, after she was struck by a piece of decorative stone that fell from the outside of a church. WMAQ-TV reported the Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago had a history of failed building inspections between 2007 and 2011, including exterior wall problems. Other reports stated the structure passed 2012 and 2013 inspections but had not been inspected this year.

Illinois widow: Airline neglected husband’s fatal chest pains

Doing something wrong may be better or worse than doing nothing at all. However, either behavior -- a mistake or a failure to take reasonable action to prevent an injury or death – can be considered negligence in a Chicago liability case. The word "reasonable" is the key.

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