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How does strict liability work in defective medical device cases?

In a personal injury case involving a defective medical device, the strict liability doctrine can improve the odds of winning a products liability lawsuit. Even better, the manufacturer may be found liable even if it cannot be proven that the entity caused the plaintiff's injuries.

Products Liability: Recent pharmaceutical product recalls

If you are like most Chicago residents, you probably think you know about dangerous drugs that may or may not be on the market. After all, news outlets often feature drug recalls as part of their regular reporting. We want you to know that many recalled pharmaceutical products do not make the news, but that does not mean they are safe for the public.

Recalled drugs can have negative impacts on patients

We recently discussed the recall of a medical device. While cases involving device recalls are troublesome, so are the cases that involve drug recalls. Drug recalls often come after patients are harmed by the drugs. It is possible for drugs to be recalled prior to patients suffering harm; however, tragedy can strike when patients do suffer harm.

Keyless ignitions can pose a potentially deadly danger

Many of our vehicles today have keyless ignitions. This can provide some convenience. However, because the key fob only has to be within a few feet of the ignition, we may have a hard time locating it if it's disappeared to the bottom of a purse, diaper bag or under the seat when we need the other keys on our ring.

Is nail polish becoming increasingly dangerous?

Many of our readers have heard about the potential dangers for people who work in nail salons. They're inhaling and touching strong chemicals from polishes and other materials all day long. What about those who go into a salon for a mani-pedi or do their own nails? Can nail polish be dangerous to those who are simply wearing it?

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