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What it costs to live with spinal cord injuries

Health care is expensive, but you already know that. Fortunately, most people need only pay for health care if they break a bone or catch the flu, but even then, it hurts financially. Now, imagine a chronic and debilitating condition that requires ongoing, long-term care. Even with health insurance, the costs of receiving the kind of treatment necessary can boggle the mind.

Learn about the leading causes of spinal cord injuries

The average Chicago resident knows very little about spinal cord injuries. For example, did you know that about 12,500 people survive such injuries each year? You may also be surprised to learn that at 80 percent, far more men than women suffer spinal cord injuries.

Setting recovery goals after suffering spinal cord injuries

For Chicago residents suffering from a spinal cord injury, the road to recovery often feels too long and too strewn with insurmountable obstacles. Worsening the situation is the emotional and mental trauma spinal cord injury victims must also deal with. While there is no one fast fix for these victims, sometimes the goal setting process can be beneficial for recovering physically as well as emotionally.

Little-known facts about paralysis and spinal cord injuries

Paralysis is one of the most feared possible effects of a spinal cord injury. No one wants to lose their ability to be mobile and carry on with their lifestyles. Some people are also afraid of the vulnerability they perceive to be a side effect of paralysis.

Summer 2016 a bad year for amusement park attractions

It's been a bad summer for amusement park rides. The latest in a string of serious or fatal mishaps involving carnival and amusement park activities occurred at an East Coast amusement park earlier this week when six riders received an electric shock while riding the Scrambler.

Secondary conditions complicate recovery from spinal trauma

There is no question that spinal cord injuries can be some of the most devastating types of survivable trauma. But what many don't consider is that the spinal cord injury itself is just one facet of a very complex condition involving almost every system of the human body.

Caregivers of paraplegics struggle with burnout

The role of caregiver for a spinal cord injury patient is often a thankless one. Tasks must be performed day in and day out and can't be skipped when caregivers are tired or under the weather themselves. Burnout is common, and one way to deter it is by avoiding isolation and remaining plugged in to the world outside.

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