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Even children's products can endanger little ones' safety

For most Chicagoans, having a baby makes them aware for the first time of potential dangers lurking in their home. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has a safety list designed for parents. However, it's also worthwhile for anyone, including family members and caregivers, who spends time with young children.

How Illinois courts determine whether products are dangerous

Any product sold to Illinois consumers can be dangerous under certain circumstances. State laws outline the proof required in product liability cases against manufacturers. In some cases, a plaintiff must show a product maker's negligence was responsible for an injury or death, while other lawsuits are based on a theory of strict liability.

Why manufacturers put ridiculous warnings on Illinois products

You've probably seen warning labels on Chicago products that seemed obvious or utterly foolish. If you search online for "dumb warning labels," you'll come up with list after list of product instructions and labels that are funny. Manufacturers aren't trying to make you chuckle.

Does strict liability apply to Illinois defective car claims?

Many liability claims require injured parties to produce proof of a defendant's negligence. That approach is used in Illinois product liability cases, but alternate theories are available including strict liability. Evidence of negligence is not required to show a car manufacturer created a defective product.

Sick parakeets may give rise to products liability lawsuit

A New Lenox, Illinois, woman says that she wants the public to be aware of a potential health danger involving parakeets. The woman claims that back in April, she purchased a parakeet from a PetSmart store in Orland Hills, Illinois, that may have sickened her and two other relatives. The woman says that she was unaware that the parakeet she purchased was infected with psittacosis, also referred to as parrot flu. The disease is transferable to humans, sometimes through contact with bird droppings, and is distinguished by symptoms similar to cold or flu. The woman says that she only discovered the bird may have been infected by chance when she returned to the store on July 8 to buy another bird as a companion for the other one. It was then that she discovered that that PetSmart had removed all of the birds from over 500 of their stores. The retailer took the drastic measure after determining that a single supplier may have sold them infected parakeets. In fact, the store has issued a warning to anyone who may have purchased a parakeet from them between March 12 and May 20. Consumers are urged to look for signs of illness with those birds.

Lawsuit over chemical burn filed in Cook County Circuit Court

When a person purchases a product for a business, they are putting trust in the product's manufacturer that the item is safe to use as long as reasonable safety guidelines are followed. When design flaws and other issues are present with the product, injuries to employees are possible. These injuries can lead to significant expenses. A recent product liability lawsuit filed in the Cook County Circuit Court alleges that an oven manufacturer's faulty oven design caused injuries to an employee.

Illinois listed in huge Ford Motor Company recall of Eclipse SUVs

Anyone who buys a vehicle is putting trust in the manufacturer that the vehicle is safe and will operate properly. Sadly, that doesn't always happen. When vehicles aren't safe and don't operate properly, accidents can occur. Once an issue is discovered, some automakers will issue a recall to help rectify the situation in an attempt to stop accidents from occurring. In one of the two recent recalls by Ford Motor Company, Illinois is listed as one of the states affected by the problems.

Product liability suit over 4 deaths settles just before trial

Illinois drivers are often the first to be blamed for accidents, but the true source of negligence may originate from parties nowhere near the crash site. Automobiles are consumer products subject to strict design and manufacturing standards. Car makers and dealers can be held accountable for making and selling unsafe or defective products.

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