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What Chicago parents don’t know about dangerous toys

Chicago parents may assume all children's products sold to consumers are safe. After all, we have strong government rules set up to safeguard us against the sale of dangerous children's toys. As high as safety standards are in the U.S., some defective children's products slip into the marketplace.

How Illinois courts determine whether products are dangerous

Any product sold to Illinois consumers can be dangerous under certain circumstances. State laws outline the proof required in product liability cases against manufacturers. In some cases, a plaintiff must show a product maker's negligence was responsible for an injury or death, while other lawsuits are based on a theory of strict liability.

Defective children’s products may include familiar toys

Nine children, under age 15, died in the U.S. in 2013 from injuries involving toys, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Two-thirds of the deaths were due to choking or asphyxiation. The harmful products were familiar toys – balls, marbles, toy foods and balloons.

Does strict liability apply to Illinois defective car claims?

Many liability claims require injured parties to produce proof of a defendant's negligence. That approach is used in Illinois product liability cases, but alternate theories are available including strict liability. Evidence of negligence is not required to show a car manufacturer created a defective product.

Product liability lawsuit filed over cold pack injuries

When you use medical care products, you expect that they have been properly tested to ensure they are safe. You don't expect that these products will cause you more harm than good. Sadly, there are cases in which defective medical devices and products cause injury to patients. A recent lawsuit filed in the Cook County Circuit Court shows one example of what can happen when a medical care product doesn't include proper warnings for consumers.

Illinois lawsuit alleges product liability claim against Sears

Buying power tools is something that most men enjoy doing. Items like saws, nail guns and other tools help these men to complete jobs much easier than if they were to use hand tools. When a man purchases power tools, he probably expects that the tools will be properly assembled and contain proper safety measures. Sadly, that is not always the case.

Gas blast kills man in mobile home park owned by Illinois firm

When an accident causes a serious injury or death in Chicago, police concentrate on whether a crime has been committed. Investigations are closed, if no foul play is found. Law enforcers find or eliminate wrongdoing, but criminal and civil cases are different.

Product liability suit claims noodle cup defect caused burns

You've probably heard the expression "You get what you pay for." So, does that mean when you buy something at a Chicago store that a product can be dangerous because it's inexpensive? If you burn your hand on a kitchen stove, the injury is no less painful because of the appliance's value.

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