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Spinal cord injuries: life-changing and expensive

When a person suffers from a spinal cord injury, it can change their entire life. From how to get out of bed in the morning, to how to eat, depending on the severity of the injury, these everyday tasks that most give no thought to can suddenly become chores. 

Suit against DES manufacturer is settled on second day

Pharmaceutical companies that manufactured or marketed a synthetic estrogen decades ago may be held liable for the effects they are having on the children of the women who consumed the drug. Product liability suits have been filed by women from around the country, with one case of four sisters resulting in a settlement. The details of this settlement are unclear but the fact that it was settled may spawn other similar cases.

Bayer in hot water over contraceptives

Pharmaceutical giant Bayer is facing allegations that are bringing two of its well-known contraceptives into the headlines. A product liability suit has been filed against the company for supposed off-label marketing and an alleged disregard for the health of women taking Yaz and Yasmin birth control pills. More than 10,000 suits have been filed against the company by users of the contraceptives in question. For users in Chicago that have experienced negative side effects, this may be the time to speak up.

Injured man victorious in 'David and Goliath' malpractice suit

Imagine visiting the hospital for minor hand surgery and walking out with chronic pain for the rest of your life. One 50-year-old was recently awarded some relief for his suffering in a $2.5 million medical malpractice settlement.

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