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What are medical expenses associated with a spinal cord injury?

The costs for treating a severe injury caused by an accident can be considerable. Extensive hospital treatments, long-term rehabilitation or a lifetime of continuous care may be necessary. Costs don't remain stagnant -- medical expenses for Chicago spinal cord injury patients increase year after year.

What damage claims are available after a Chicago car accident?

Financial relief is sought by people who file Illinois injury claims. Civil courts cannot undo the harm caused by auto accidents. Compensation is as close as a jury can come to easing the hardships experienced by crash victims and their families.

Causes and effects of spinal cord injuries

Pain and incapacity can severely diminish the quality of life. An injury to the spinal cord through physical trauma or disease may devastate a victim and create hardships for concerned family members. The condition may impose tremendous financial pressure on Cook County families struggling with high doctor, hospital and at-home medical expenses as well as the loss of a wage earner's income.

Illinois motorcyclist hurt in 3-vehicle crash

New reports about a July 10 accident involving a motorcyclist and vehicle in construction traffic may seem familiar, but the people in this case have been fortunate that no one was more seriously hurt. A car accident involving a motorcyclist could end with a fatality, especially if the rider is thrown or hit by a vehicle. The Illinois State Police have released information about this crash that took place at around 11:30 a.m., and the people who were involved.

Chicago bus driver slams on brakes, injured rider sues

Riding the Chicago Transit Authority buses are a good way to get around the city. When you choose to take these buses, you are trusting that the bus driver will drive in a manner that help to keep the riders safe. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen. When the CTA operator doesn't operate the bus in a safe manner, riders and other motorists can be injured. A recent lawsuit filed in the Cook County Circuit Court shows that accidents do happen that can cause riders to suffer from injuries, even if the accident doesn't involve a crash.

10-year sentence for former police officer in Chicago

A man who was once a North Chicago police officer will face 10 years behind bars after an accident that took two lives and caused serious injuries to another person. He pleaded guilty during the case. All three counts were for aggravated drunk driving.

5 people, including woman in store, injured in Chicago crash

You don't have to be on the street to be the victim of an auto accident. Sometimes you can be minding your own business indoors when it happens. Among five people injured in a crash on the afternoon of April 18 was a woman in a grocery store.

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