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Posts tagged "medication errors"

Deceased woman's family wins wrongful death suit

After an individual undergoes a surgery, the patient's follow-up care and subsequent monitoring is performed by the medical facility's nursing staff. Patients and their loved ones count on the medical staff responsible for their care to be skilled and diligent. Any error can lead to serious repercussions and in some cases, even a patient's death.

Medication errors cause near fatality in one patient

A recent report may unnerve some recent hospital patients. Though the report comes from outside of Chicago, it does not mean that medical professionals at hospitals in the area are incapable of making a similar mistake. According to the aforementioned report, nurses at a hospital in Pennsylvania were to blame for medication errors that could have caused serious complications.

Subpar doctors allowed to practice in state despite data

According to the National Practitioner Data Bank -- which displays confidential information about physicians -- approximately 215 physicians in Illinois have had their clinical privileges restricted or revoked over the past 20 years in other states. All 215 of them are still licensed.

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