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What damage claims are available after a Chicago car accident?

Financial relief is sought by people who file Illinois injury claims. Civil courts cannot undo the harm caused by auto accidents. Compensation is as close as a jury can come to easing the hardships experienced by crash victims and their families.

What do survival actions have to do with wrongful death claims?

Individuals left behind after a loved one's death benefit from both of these legal claims. Survival actions and wrongful death claims have separate purposes, but compensation resulting from them often comfort the same people – family members of a Chicago decedent.

3 left in critical condition due to alleged Illinois drunk driver

Getting into a car accident is probably the last thing on your mind when you go for a drive. Unfortunately, there are many dangerous people on the roads. If you're in a crash, remember that you're able to attempt to seek compensation for damages and your pain and suffering, much like these men may want to do.

Child killed in Illinois; driver claims unfair state laws

The fatal injury of a loved one can take you by surprise and leave questions unanswered. For instance, the fatal injury could have been caused by a negligent driver, like in this case. You should know that you have every right to know the reason behind your loved one's death and should be able to seek compensation for your pain and suffering as well as their untimely death.

Chicago dancer killed by heavy acrobatic ring

Certain Cook County occupations have a built-in risk factor. Nearly one in five of over 3,900 fatal workplace accidents in 2012 occurred in the construction industry, according to the U.S. Labor Department's Occupational Safety and Health Administration. More than half of the fatal injuries among construction workers had one of four causes – falls, employees caught in between objects, electrocution and injuries caused by workers getting hit by objects.

Illinois 20-year-old driver charged with DUI fatality

Chicago traffic accident victims and families who've lost loved ones in DUI crashes share a belief. The drunk driving accidents didn't have to happen. The pain and suffering of victims could have been avoided if the at-fault driver had considered the possible consequences.

New husband, stranded motorist die in crash south of Chicago

Cook County pedestrians face risks on and near roads that drivers often don't consider. People sheltered within the confines of a vehicle easily can forget the vulnerability of non-motorists, especially during the night when pedestrians may be unexpected and hard to see.

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