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5 things to do if you've been involved in a fatal car accident

Driving in the Chicago metro area can be chaotic. The highways are packed with commuters, commercial vehicles and sightseers alike - some racing by at speeds far in excess of the speed limit, others driving in the center lane at 45 miles per hour, and still more who are distracted or seemingly unaware of their surroundings.

Illinois bus crash kills driver, injures dozens of children

A traffic light was installed last year at a rural intersection near the Illinois community of Wadsworth. One of the neighbors said she felt "safer" after the improvement at the Highway 173 crossroads, at least until a recent fatal crash involving a school bus.

Illinois fire volunteer dies in crash during accident cleanup

Family members who experience the accidental, sudden death of a spouse, parent or child seek elusive answers. How could a husband or father be taken away so quickly, permanently and senselessly? Legal actions help to punish wrongdoers and lighten the pain of relatives devastated by the negligence of others.

Cause of suburban Chicago crash may be traced to prescription

Many Cook County drivers think that as long as a drug is prescribed or otherwise legal that consequences for impaired driving and accidents are avoidable. However, legal impairment may be caused by any drug.

High speed, alcohol suspected in Illinois mother's death

A Carol Stream woman died from injuries she received as she sat in her car along the side of Chicago's Eisenhower Expressway. Three others sustained serious injuries in the fatal crash near Kostner Avenue, including a driver police speculated was intoxicated and speeding.

Single-car crash during storm in Chicago metro kills two teens

Experience teaches Cook County drivers the skills needed to cope with poor weather, a proficiency that newly-licensed drivers learn over time. Illinois teenagers must complete a graduated licensing program before earning full driving privileges. The process slowly acclimates teens to traffic situations, including nighttime and foul-weather driving.

Police suspect Illinois teen was at fault for fatal crash

Did a teenage driver put on the brake or run a stop sign? The answer to that question will help fatal accident investigators in Central Illinois decide whether a 19-year-old Tremont teen committed a deadly driving error.

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