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Tire may be to blame in bus crash that injured 47, killed one

A recent crash in Litchfield, Illinois, involving a low-fare bus has left one dead and 47 injured. The bus accident will be under investigation for as long as two weeks but authorities are already reporting that the cause of the crash was likely a blown-out tire.

DUI guilty plea may land Illinois woman 28 years

A 27-year-old woman from Aurora, Illinois recently pleaded guilty to charges brought against her for driving under the influence. According to the authorities, the woman tested positive for marijuana after her vehicle was deemed the cause of a motor vehicle accident that killed two people.

New document says Bayer withheld information from FDA

There are new developments in a product liability case against a leading pharmaceutical company. In a previous blog, we discussed the allegations against pharmaceutical giant Bayer in regards to two of its contraceptives. In a federal court in Illinois, a document has now been unsealed that is telling the court that Bayer withheld information its researchers had uncovered from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2004.

Suspected drunk driver crashes into squad car, injures officer

In many states, including Illinois, drivers must move over or slow down if emergency vehicles are on the shoulder. It is also courteous to do the same for anyone stopped on the side of the road, in order to keep Illinois roadways safe. Unfortunately, a recent news story may be an example of some drivers' disregard for those on the side of the road and the effects of negligent behavior.

Concussion concerns prompt Illinois athletes to get tested

Over the past year, concussions have been brought into the spotlight as a major injury received in sports. Several studies have shown that this type of traumatic brain injury has left some athletes, both amateur and professional, with long-term effects. Because of this, two high schools in Glenview and Northbrook, Illinois are having their student athletes tested for concussions.

Serious crash leaves one dead, three injured

Three people are injured and another is dead following a three-car accident on an expressway in Chicago. A trooper with the Illinois State Police's Chicago department said the fatal accident occurred as one driver attempted to move into a different lane. At the same time, another car tried to move into the same lane, causing the vehicles to strike each other's sides. The trooper said both lane changes were conducted improperly.

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