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What are some causes of serious truck accidents?

If you have ever found yourself surrounded by semi-trucks on the expressway, you know how scary it can feel to be dwarfed by these giant rigs. The combination of trucks' heavy weights and high speeds plus your car does not always make for a good result.

Truck driver in fatal Chicago crash on the road too long

Back in May we posted about a state trooper who was killed in a Chicago accident after a truck driver fell asleep behind the wheel. Since then, it has come out that the truck driver had been working more than what is allowed under federal regulations. These long hours may have contributed to why he fell asleep behind the wheel.

Report: Truck driver fell asleep in fatal Chicago accident

Truck drivers are especially susceptible to fatigue. The long hours, boredom and seemingly endless roads are all contributors to tiredness. Add into the mix sleep disorders and not following the body's natural biological clock by driving at night and it could be the combination needed for a deadly accident caused by truck driver fatigue.

Does caffeine consumption lead to less truck accidents?

Truck drivers often work long, boring hours on the roads. When driving from one state to another -- often on not enough sleep or during the nighttime hours -- it is not unheard of for fatigue to set in. While one would hope a driver would pull over and rest upon the realization of being tired, many times truck drivers continue to push it in order to make a certain delivery time frame.

Truck drivers susceptible to tired driving

Driver fatigue is among one of the leading causes of truck accidents in Illinois and throughout the country. In some cases, this fatigue is brought on by a commercial truck driver exceeding the maximum number of legal driving hours. However, in other cases, the sleepiness is due to an overall lack of sleep. There are many reasons for not getting enough sleep, including not listening to the body's natural circadian rhythm or a sleep-related disorder.

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